What is your love story?

Capture your favorite memories — as a gift for your partner, or a fun activity for both of you. Artifact makes it easy.

The Wirecutter named Artifact one of the best family gifts for 2020

We create personal podcasts for you

Our expert interviewers guide you through a conversation about your relationship, and then we edit your words into a polished podcast. In the end, you’ll have a thoughtful and creative gift to share with the one you love. All it takes is a half-hour conversation.

1. Choose the subject
Tell us what to explore and whom to talk to.
Easy scheduling. Interviews over the phone. Edit.
Waiting at a private webpage.

Artifact interviewers bring a range of experience, from public radio to popular podcasts.

"I imagine one day, when we’re very old, lying around with my wife and listening to our life together. That’s why we’re doing one every year!"

—Michael B.

“I’ll always remember what I was feeling that day, but it's cool to have it preserved—and be able to share it with her.”

—john W.

“I learned new details, and even new stories, about how my parents fell in love — and having it in their own voices is a treasure.”

—Taylor R.

“It was unlike any gift I’ve ever received and by the far the best. I love that I’ll always be able to listen back to the story of how we started.”

—Becca G.

“Bruce is now using my words about not having grandchildren yet as a segue to show pictures of meat from the smoker to his friends!”

—Lisa M.


What is Artifact?
Think of your favorite podcast—maybe it’s This American Life, or Radiolab. Now imagine it focused on a person, relationship or event that matters to you. That’s Artifact.
How does Artifact work?
You tell us what you want to focus on and whom to interview, and we do the rest—we make scheduling easy, conduct interviews over the phone, and deliver a polished podcast that wouldn’t sound out of place on NPR.
How long does it take?
A single interview lasts 30 minutes, resulting in a 20-minute edit. We deliver the first cut within seven business days of the final interview.
How much does it cost?
We charge by the interview, starting at $175. This includes a professional edit, with any revisions you might want us to make, plus music.
Who gets to hear it?
Whomever you choose to share it with—Artifacts are typically shared with family and friends.
More questions?
Email us at [email protected] or call us at (415) 792-4001.