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How organizations use Artifact

Artifact for Companies

Internal pods for the team. External pods for brand and thought leadership.

Exec Podcasts

Share quarterly and annual reviews with the team, or provide new execs a forum to share their perspective on leadership in internal pods; hold “fireside chats” with customers and influencers—to share as an external pod. 

Team Wins & Employee Recognition

New hires, promotions, big wins–celebrate the good stuff. It’s 2021, and it’s all about building a culture in which team members feel valued. 

How It Started

Wei Deng, Clipboard Health's founder and CEO, talks about how resilience and openness to change made her company what it is today. 

Customer Spotlights 

Let your customers do the talking. They’ll share stories that capture how your business is making an impact, and why others should hop on board.

Artifact for

Spotlight life on campus. Help alums feel connected.

Academic Institutions

Department Spotlights

You know the groundbreaking program the CS department just launched? Or that new book released by that rising star in the history department? Go deep and highlight the vibrance of what’s happening on campus.

Alumni Series

Bring alumni stories to life–from the magic of that time on campus to where they are now. You’ll deepen connection among alums, inspire current students, and support your career office with a vision for future professions.

Athletics & Extracurriculars

Honor a coach who taught you about life, not just the game. Document a team’s journey to the play-offs, celebrating team victories and lessons learned along the way. 

Student Life Series

Capture campus life in an ongoing series exploring everything from campus culture to spotlighting student research. Help alums, donors, and the broader community feel on campus even when they can’t be on campus.

Artifact for Non-Profits

Advocate with audio. Engage donors—emotionally.

Donor Engagement

Fundraiser coming up? Need a way of helping donors to viscerally understand how your organization makes a difference? We’ll craft stories in the voices of your volunteers, community, and staff.

External Podcast Production

So you want to produce your own podcast, without having to deal with the details of recording best practices, editing, polishing, and pulling it all together. Artifact does it for you.

Community Stories for Advocacy 

This episode documents a survivor’s story, and the role of Peace House to serve as a safe haven for individuals and families. 

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