"This was our life together, each year, in our own voice"

A young couple uses Artifact to track their journey from first kiss to a new baby.

"This was our life together, each year, in our own voice"

2020 was a big year for newlyweds Romi and Michael. They weathered a global pandemic, had a baby, AND recorded their first Artifact. In the episode, they detail their first kiss, love story, and recent nuptials.

The couple received their Artifact as a wedding gift from dear friends. When they first heard about it, they didn’t know what to expect.

“There were questions,” recalls Romi, referencing the custom pre-interview questionnaire we send to all Artifact guests. “That was good, so I could think in advance. The interviewer was very nice — not intimidating.”

“So we talked about the pre-wedding, the wedding, how he proposed,” she continues. “‘How did you fall in love?’ And all that. It's nice to think that, in 20 years, we're gonna listen to it again. I also like the parts where the interviewer said, ‘Tell something to Michael — like a little message — that he will hear by surprise.’”

The question of legacy and future is front of mind for the young couple, who recently welcomed their first child.They recorded a separate episode about that major arrival. Michael and Romi hope to continue using Artifact to tell the story of their lives, in real time, as their relationship and their family grow.

“I'd be lying if I said I was so introspective, on my own, to have the initiative to take the time to write down a synopsis of the year or capture the moment in time,” says Michael. “Think about doing [an Artifact] every year for like 50 years. Then at 75 years old, you might listen back through all of it over the course of a weekend together. Wow, this was our life together, each year, you know, in our own voice.”

“It will be super nice to have the ability to go back and hear what we were thinking at that time and the things we thought would happen,” adds Romi. “And that our life changed in so many ways.”

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