Saying 'I Do' with Artifact

Are you ready to give the best wedding gift ever?

Saying 'I Do' with Artifact

When we first conceived Artifact, we thought we understood the product. We thought we knew who would use it. We thought we knew how they would use it.

We were a little bit right, but also a lot wrong. Turns out Artifact users keep teaching us how to maximize the personal podcast experience, taking our interviewers down fresh roads.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of weddings. Of course we thought an Artifact might be a good way to mark such a huge occasion, but we didn't understand just how many ways people would think to deploy the special mix of time to reflect, heartfelt emotion, and the right questions that is at the core of every Artifact. As we grow, we've zeroed in on the themes and goals that our nuptial-centric pods tend to embrace. These podcasts are as dynamic as the people planning weddings — they run the gamut from tearful expressions of love to lacerating roasts to wistful remembrances. Either way, when it comes to a memorable wedding gift, an Artifact sure beats another water pitcher.  

Here is some inspiration for your custom podcast, whether you're the one saying the "I Dos" or you’re a close friend who can't be there in person.

1. How We Met

This Artifact involves an interview with the couple, detailing how they came into each other's lives. It can cover everything from the first kiss to the engagement to the tendency of one side to undercook bacon. The “How We Met” is often purchased as a gift for the couple—or by the engaged couple themselves, as something to share with family and friends before the big day.

At the end of the session, the interviewer does a short round of questions with each person separately—sort of like “The Newlywed Game” as a surprise for the couple.

2. The Parents

This Artifact features interviews with parents or loved ones from the previous generations on both sides of the couple. The participants can share their own love stories, offer memories of the betrothed, recall first impressions of their future in-laws, or impart advice on marriage and parenthood.

There is wide latitude here, depending on family structure and personality. Maybe a thrice-married mother wants to opine on lessons learned. Maybe a grandparent did a lion's share of the childrearing and would love to share recollections from the groom's youth. Maybe a long-married couple would like to offer up their own love story.

When purchased by the engaged couple, this is a great chance to make loved ones feel included in the wedding process. Of course, it also makes a wonderful surprise for the newlyweds.

3. The Families

This Artifact is a version of the previous one but with a broader pool of interview guests. Siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles can join the party, whether they'd like to talk about what the people getting married mean to them or offer advice for the future.

4. The Toast

This is a marvelous opportunity to rethink the wedding toast. We’re not looking to replace the tradition of offering tipsy words spoken in front of a large group, but we do want to make sure those heartfelt words live on in a place that’s accessible after the fact. This type of Artifact has never been more relevant since, these days, it's not always possible to offer good wishes in person. For example, someone recently bought an Artifact for his childhood best friend and his fiance. Even though he was unable to travel for their wedding, he recorded his feelings about them, in his own voice, and was able to use the Artifact to share his regrets at missing the big day and expound on his love for his friend.

5. The Roast

Earnestness is not always what we're looking for. Give the gift of laughter—and maybe a few tears, depending on how savage things get—by recording a podcast roast for one or both members of the couple. This is a creative gift idea for bachelor and bachelorette parties. And it's something that can be shared with (a carefully curated list of) friends across the country.

6. The Friends

Try to capture the whimsy of the best group chats by gathering a small selection of friends for a freewheeling tribute to the couple. These Artifacts tend to have a looser energy, with ebullience taking precedence over intimacy.

There are lots of ways that Artifact can enhance the big day. Are you ready to give the best wedding gift ever?