Resolutions with a twist

We're here to help you start the year right.

Resolutions with a twist

It’s the time of the year for fresh starts — and after 2020, most of us could use one. While plenty of people are setting goals for healthier habits, robust gym regimens, or financial detox, here at Artifact we know that recovering from this dumpster fire of a year is going to require something a bit out of the ordinary.

To that end, here are some resolution inspirations. These relatively easy-to-achieve goals are sure to set you up for a fulfilling 2021.  

1. Start journaling, but outsource it

Many of us wish we had a record of our lives as it happened — a journal or diary to capture ephemeral moments and extemporaneous insights. But, ugh, it’s just so much work! And there’s so much stuff on Netflix to watch! And writing makes my hand cramp! We’re here to make it oh-so-easy by scheduling weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, bi-annual or annual chats with one of our interviewers. They will edit those conversations into an entertaining series of stories from your life that will live forever.

2. Capture this moment. No, really!

While we all might be glad to bid adieu to good ole 2020, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also be thinking of ways to reflect on this extraordinary time. Imagine your grandkids listening to your tales from the Pandemic of 2020 — how you managed to quarantine, protest, sanitize, evolve, stream, bake, and/or zoom your way through an era of incredible turmoil. This was history and you lived it. Let Artifact help you preserve it.

3. Do something for the people in your life

Just because the season of gifting has passed doesn’t mean that those you love aren’t still craving thoughtful gestures and a bit of care. Hey, by late January, they might need a shot of sunshine more than ever. Give that to them by gifting an Artifact, providing a space to talk, reflect, or share. After all, this year, we all have a story to tell. Consider our professional interviewers as a small bulwark against the pandemic era’s enduring loneliness.

Do you have your own idea about how you want to use Artifact in 2021? Book some time on our calendar to talk it through.