What is your love story?

We're ready to help you give a Valentine's Day gift for the ages.

What is your love story?

Valentine’s Day gifts can suffer from major cliché-itis. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry — sure, they’re crowd pleasers, but do they really make a lasting impression or tell the person you love anything they don’t already know about how you feel?

This year, get the object of your affection an Artifact and blow them away.

Below are a couple ideas to inspire you. Do you have an even better plan? We’re happy to work with you to create something as unique as your love story.

How We Met

Capture your love story in an audio interview, including all the milestones — the initial meeting, the first date, the first kiss — and all the other little moments that fade with time. You can record this Artifact and then gift the finished podcast to your significant other, or present them with the idea and participate together.

The Newlywed Game

How well do you and your partner really know each other? Let's find out during Artifact's very own version of The Newlywed Game (non-wed folks are also encouraged to participate). Your interviewer will ask you questions, and you have to guess how your partner would respond. Whoever tallies the most correct answers wins bragging rights... and perhaps eternal devotion. You can help us design the questionnaire or leave it up to our professional interviewers. If you’re looking to add another episode, invite your parents or in-laws to play too.

Say "I love you"

Our professional interviewer will help you share exactly why you love your partner — their special qualities, their quirks, their talents, their acts of affection. Think of it as an audio love letter. If you’re a parent, another fun idea is to get the kids involved, and have them talk about what endears them to mom and/or dad.

Vows 2.0

Reciting vows at a wedding is an act of love and faith in the relationship. But our understanding of exactly what those promises mean, and all that goes into maintaining a loving relationship, may change over time. So, how about another take? Use your Artifact to write an updated version of those vows and give your spouse the ultimate Valentine's Day gift.

The Portrait

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples. There are lots of people who deserve to know they're loved on this special day: parents, friends, kids, siblings. Commission an audio portrait of that special someone and make their year.

Best Friends

Romance, shmonance! Some of the best love stories ever told deal with friendship rather than romantic love. Tell the tale of your nearest and dearest — or give them a gentle roasting. It's up to you! You could also gift them an Artifact, providing a platform for telling their own story.

The Proposal

We’ll be honest, we really want someone to use an Artifact to propose to their partner. Could it be you? During the interview, share all the reasons you love them, and then — surprise twist! — pop the question. Your gift will go from thoughtful and moving to shocking and unforgettable. Let’s hope they say “yes!”

To get started on your Valentine’s Day Artifact, click here.

Lead image by Bruno Martins via Unsplash.