Creating an Artifact is a great way to tell a story, whether that’s a personal one or a professional one. A growing number of companies are using our custom podcasts to tell the story of their business, capture the voice of their customers, or build culture in an all-remote work environment.  

If your business or nonprofit doesn’t have the time or capacity to produce high quality audio content in-house — and doesn’t want to pay a huge sum to a marketing or PR agency — then our services can land right in that sweet spot. Use this content however you like, whether that’s in an internal newsletter, or as a post on your company’s website or social media channels.

Let’s run down a few of the most popular ways our enterprise clients are using Artifact.

Tell Your Origin Story

Building a company is a journey — and no two are alike. Founders can use Artifact to share their process from idea to execution, drilling down on moments of disappointment and triumph. There are moments in each company’s history that define the spirit of the organization, telling the story of these moments creates a thread of continuity and a uniting culture. The finished product, whether its a single episode or a longer series, is a great way to help onboard new employees, to tell your story to investors, or to build your startup’s brand.

Customer Stories

One of the most visceral ways to demonstrate the value of your company is by letting customers do it for you. Get your users on tape talking about how your product or service has made their life easier. The most engaging content happens organically: customers talk about their needs, how they’ve been impacted by COVID, and how your product is making a difference. This is a great structure for an ongoing series and we can produce these podcasts in English, Spanish, or French.

Team Building

The current moment has more and more of us working remotely. While productivity hasn’t suffered, bonding certainly has. How can employees get to know each other without the stray watercooler chat or impromptu post-work happy happy? How about having those team members record Artifacts? They can share a little about their background, talk about how they’re managing the current moment, or record journals about a major project. You could even plan joint or group interviews, bringing together new combinations of people for conversation and team building.

The kinds of partnerships we build with enterprise clients are always evolving: Customers continue to teach us just how dynamic this product can be. If you don’t see your idea on this list, tell us about it and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Interested in learning more about the ways your company can use Artifact? Reach out to [email protected] or schedule time with him here.