Celebrate the holidays with Artifact

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Celebrate the holidays with Artifact

According to The New York Times’ Wirecutter, Artifact is one of the “17 Best Gifts for Holiday Bonding.”

“An Artifact editor could interview a grandparent to save a favorite memory for young grandchildren, for instance, or edit together your parents’ love story from separate interviews (or interview them together). It all depends on what you find meaningful.”

As Wirecutter notes, people order Artifacts for many reasons — as a thoughtful gift, as a way of preserving family history, as a celebration of a major life event, as a way to show someone they care — and all those motivations are only amplified during the holiday season. And since 2020 has already been the year of celebrating differently, why not incorporate an Artifact into your festivities?

Here are just a few exciting ways that we can help you ring in the season.

Family Heritage
This is one of your most popular Artifacts: parents and grandparents speak about previous generations, capturing that history for the rest of the family. This is an incredible gift for your elders, giving them a space to talk about the characters and stories they grew up with. And honestly, it’s a gift to yourself and future generations, too.

Capture Your Traditions
Many families and groups of friends rally around shared traditions — holiday breakfasts, Hanukkah parties, Friendsgivings — and while those traditions might need to evolve this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t record an account for posterity. Hear aunts and uncles compare Christmas in the 1960s with holiday celebrations today; encourage young kids to share their favorite all-time holiday eats; share iconic mishaps and misadventures. It’s a record that everyone can treasure.

Holiday Card
Let’s modernize the holiday card! Ditch (or augment) the professional portrait and send a link to your Artifact. We’ll talk to you about the family’s year, allowing you to give an exciting, digestible update for friends and family. It’s a guarantee you will stand out from the pack.

The Portrait
Another one of our most popular Artifacts is the portrait. This can be as simple as you speaking openly about someone you love — a sibling, parent, teacher, coach, or friend — or as elaborate as a multi-part series with numerous guests dedicated to painting a complete picture of someone. Imagine the value of this gift to the recipient: a grandparent hearing from all their grandkids or a friend who had to postpone their wedding being feted by friends.

Capture This Moment
Did you or someone you know have a particularly interesting or tumultuous 2020? (Hey, we all might fall into that category!) Well Artifact offers an opportunity for reflection. Whether the guest had a new baby, made a big career move, lost someone close to them, or met someone new, the story deserves to be told.

How We Met
What do you get for the parents or grandparents who have everything? How about a starring role in a podcast about their love story? More and more of our customers are using Artifact to help the couples they admire celebrate anniversaries or simply celebrate their enduring bond. With our help, you can learn all about their first kiss, early dates, and life before kids.

Don’t forget your snarkiest friend or relative — they deserve an Artifact, too. We’ll help you organize an audio roast complete with an emcee, and then edit it into a crisp, hilarious podcast.  

You Tell Us
Don’t see your idea on this list? Have no fear. Our customers continue to teach us new ways to use Artifact. Just tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Lead image: Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash