Give a baby gift that lasts a lifetime

Skip the bouncer and the onesies in favor of something more enduring.

Give a baby gift that lasts a lifetime

Artifact is perfect for the big moments — graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and, of course, new humans entering the world. Whether you're the parents-to-be, grandparents with a lifetime of advice to impart, or a friend hoping to show your love from afar, we're here to help the growing family capture this moment.

Here are a few ideas we hope will inspire you.

The Expecting Parents
No matter what your road to parenthood looks like, that story is worth remembering. Reflect on the decisions you made (or stumbled into) that brought this baby into your family and capture that moment of anticipation before life changes forever.

The Birth Story
The details fade fast, but your child will know all about their entrance to the world because you’re going to lay it down while the memories are fresh. Here’s one particularly dramatic example: A couple recount their unplanned home birth.

The First Six Months
It goes by in a blur, but we’ll help you remember the sweet moments amid all those sleepless nights. A related option is to check in with us annually  every 6 months or annually to take stock of how the parenting experience — and your kiddo — continues to evolve.

The Welcome to the Family
Aunts and uncles and “aunts” and “uncles,” it’s your time to shine! Tell this baby how much love is coming their way, and congratulate the growing family. You can also have grandparents and other loved ones record periodic reflections on the child as they grow up.

The We’ve Been There
Close friends and family members reflect on their own parenting experiences, sharing funny stories and offering advice that you will immediately forget. That’s OK—you can come back and listen again later.

The Total Package
What if you want to hear from the expecting parents, capture the birth story, AND celebrate the new arrival with the help of family and friends? We can help you customize an Artifact series that captures the entire new-baby experience.