Andrew Jenks is the acclaimed filmmaker behind dream/killer and It’s Not Over, and host of the investigative podcast Gangster Capitalism. But it turns out he was also a high school basketball player who perfected the art of drawing a charge.

During his senior year in 2004 — and thanks in part to all those fouls — Jenks' Hendrick Hudson High School Sailors had a season to remember. After playing together for almost a decade (and mostly losing) the core group of guys gelled, generating a little bit of magic. They played hard. They exceeded expectations.

At one point, the team was undefeated, ranked eighth in New York State, and set to take on their biggest rival. Then their best player broke his wrist. What happened next was like something out of a classic underdog sports movie.

This basketball season, its thrills and spills, has continued to play a role in Jenks' life to this day. While the thrill of victory might have faded a bit with time, the friendships formed on this team have endured into adulthood.

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